The artworks in your reference
libraries for everybody to learn from

The Materials:
"Includes mostly my stylized reference images, because that's mainly my style. But there's a whole lot of all kinds of images to enjoy from :)"

- Manu Järvinen
"Your introduction text here."

- Your Name

Want to participate?

Feel free to publish your reference/inspiration images also.
Here's how:


1. Name your images like this with This Renamer Tool:
Linux, Windows, Source code (Python3, PyQt5)

Mac users should use the source code to get the tool, couldn't get the easy Mac build of the program to work :/

2. Zip your images to a package.

3. Send the link to the .zip-file to


1. Host your own files in a PHP-enabled FTP-server

2. You only need these .PHP and image files. Make your own images if you wish :)

Place the files to the FTP like so:

3. Feel free to style the site as you wish or add new tags.

4. Make sure the artworks are named correctly with the Renaming Tool (see above).

5. Provide me the link so that I can add it into this site by e-mailing me to :)